Tian-Jin Temple

Chinese Taoism Kuan-Kung Association

Chinese Taoism Kuan-Kung Association in Canada is a non profit charity organization founded in 1995. With respect and care for life, we have taken full advantage of the limited resources we have to assist in providing emergency supplies, donating medical aid, and conducting salvation rites, regardless of national origin, race or religion. We have participated in scripture printing and distribution, cultural and academic seminars, promotion of cultural heritage and development, and cultivation of talented people for giving back to the community. To serve our society in different aspects, our goal is to continue focusing on carrying forward traditional Chinese and Taoist culture, promoting cultural and academic exchange in Taoism and providing public benefit.

With the support of Chinese Taoism Kuan-Kung Association in Canada, Tian-Jin Temple, the very first temple worshiping Kuan-Kung in Canada, was established in 2012. We emphasize the three moral guides and five ethical principles originating from Kuan-Kung himself. We respect the great mercy of Guan-Yin to save those suffering, as well as the great will of Di Zang to bring relief and consolation to the tormented beings in hell. We follow one main idea: "Support as we can support; help as we can help; rescue as we can rescue". This notion is practiced selflessly with our wisdom and goodwill.

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